Continuing The Legacy

Stay Connected with our Alumni Family

ISBM University acknowledges the profound significance of cultivating robust connections within its alumni community, recognizing that these enduring bonds serve as the foundation of sustained success and growth. Through the channel of the ISBM University Alumni Network, graduates are afforded a gateway to a plethora of invaluable professional contacts and the opportunity to nurture enduring relationships with fellow alumni, transcending geographical boundaries and temporal constraints.

By embracing membership within the ISBM University Alumni Association, graduates are not only provided with a means to stay tethered to their alma mater but are also empowered to actively contribute to its perpetual evolution and prosperity. This symbiotic relationship between the university and its alumni is fortified through a myriad of avenues, including but not limited to networking events, mentorship programs, and volunteer opportunities, which serve as the lifeblood of sustained engagement and collaboration within the university community.


To establish a sustainable and lifelong relationship between the dynamic, global community of ISBM University alumni and their Alma Mater, fostering intellectual, social, and emotional connections through ongoing engagement initiatives guided by the university's core values.


To create a vibrant platform for alumni to exchange experiences, share knowledge, and celebrate achievements, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among alumni and current students.

To enhance fellowship and collaboration among alumni through diverse engagement activities, both on and off-campus, that facilitate meaningful connections and promote a sense of belonging to the ISBM University community.

To provide educational, philanthropic, and entrepreneurial opportunities for alumni to continue learning, develop new skills, and contribute positively to society, thereby enriching their personal and professional lives.

To ensure the efficient delivery of on-campus and off-campus welfare services to alumni members, catering to their diverse needs and fostering a supportive environment for their continued growth and well-being.

To publish newsletters, bulletins, and social updates showcasing the achievements and activities of the IUAA and its alumni, thereby fostering pride and a sense of belonging among members.

To establish a cohesive organizational structure and coordinated program for alumni chapters/committees, facilitating effective communication and collaboration among members across different regions.

To facilitate mentorship programs that enable alumni to provide guidance and support to current ISBM University students, empowering them to achieve their academic and professional goals.

To encourage alumni to actively participate in and contribute to the advancement and welfare of their Alma Mater, fostering a culture of lifelong engagement and investment in the university's success.

To provide ongoing support and resources to alumni to facilitate their professional growth and development, thereby empowering them to excel in their chosen fields and make meaningful contributions to society.


Objectives of Alumni Association

Community Outreach

Engaging in community service projects, social responsibility initiatives, and outreach programs to make a positive impact beyond the university campus.

Engagement with the University

Serving as a bridge between alumni and the university, promoting collaboration, involvement, and support for university initiatives, events, and programs.

Fostering Connections

Strengthening ties between alumni by facilitating networking opportunities, both professional and social, to foster a sense of belonging and community.

Communication and Information Sharing

Facilitating communication channels, newsletters, and platforms for alumni to stay informed, connected, and updated on alumni news, events, and initiatives.

Supporting Alumni Success

Providing resources, mentorship programs, and career development opportunities to support alumni in their personal and professional endeavors.

Lifelong Learning

Offering educational and intellectual enrichment through workshops, seminars, and lifelong learning opportunities to encourage ongoing personal and professional growth.

Alumni Spotlight

Career Journey

From humble beginnings to remarkable heights, our alumni's career journeys inspire and exemplify the transformative power of education.

Impact and Contributions

With innovation as their compass, our alumni have left an indelible mark on their industries, paving the way for progress and shaping the future.


Community Involvement

Making a difference beyond borders, our alumni actively engage in various community-driven initiatives, embodying our institution's ethos of service and impact.

Alumni Connect

Join us in reconnecting with fellow alumni and reliving cherished memories. Together, let's strengthen our bonds and support each other's endeavors.


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